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My sister Dawn begged me to take the job because it was the only way she could get promoted to full waitress. I simply don't view working hard as hard work. Marketing Group "Door-to-door sales. I cleaned floors and developed the best calluses you could ever possibly develop. I worked a commission-based position at JCPenny.

My next job was a bank teller. I got to ski for free! All of the kids back then were into marbles and marble games. They'd take a shoebox, put it against the wall, and cut out different holes. Each little hole would have a different number on top of it, and you would stand a certain number of feet away. If you had a marble, you were trying to get it into the shoebox [and] into one of the holes. If you got it into the hole with a two written above it, you would get two marbles back.

I didn't have a lot of marbles because I was poor, so I spent some time thinking about it on my way home. I got the Styrofoam packing that you get from TVs and shaped it into a castle and painted it. I had a giant thing. I took that to school and I put that next to everyone else's little shoebox and everyone fought for mine. I didn't have a lot of marbles, so I couldn't give back, so people were actually paying a premium to play something that was far harder than the other kids', but they liked to play it.

I think about that often because that's guided how I approach things in business. I always look at how we're doing and think about and challenge myself [to consider] how we can do things differently. How can we do things better? And I try to do that for clients. That was called Quantum Leap Innovations and gave me a foundation for the heavy tech side. Being a lifeguard actually gives you a lot of good experience because you have to keep a careful eye on the big picture while looking at the details.

There's a lot of activity going on, and it's also quite a big responsibility People's lives are in their hands. That did teach me to look out for others and to take responsibility seriously. That's another good lesson that it taught me.

Failure Is A Stepping Stone To Success »

It's really about being prepared for when crises do happen and emergencies do happen. It's all about the preparedness leading up to that point, and I think that it's definitely true in business. All of that little stuff that you do to prepare for that big, big event or that big, big moment is critical even if it's not glamorous. It also taught me that, even if only three percent of the people you contact buy something, you can make a lot of money. The major influence it had on where I am today is that I found a true mentor in my boss.

She was a successful woman who balanced her career and family, was a respected expert in a heavily male finance world, and was passionate about giving back to the community. We still keep in contact today and she still serves as on ongoing mentor in my career. I believe mentors are hugely important in developing your career. I built and designed its website.

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That's when I really started to learn about website development and design…. That was the foundation I needed [in terms of] designing and building the first DigitalOcean website. Not only did I do the marketing for digital ocean, but I also designed the website. That [door-to-door] job taught me to stay off a high horse. It gave me capital, a network, and knowledge that I continue to use daily. I was working on the Blackberry account. That was my first job out of college.

That actually had a really big impact. It taught me from scratch everything about digital media, given this was Digital media has changed a ton since then, but I was fortunate enough to just get placed in a digital role on a really rigorous team Working at a huge company like Starcom was actually great because it gave me a perfect foundation and process. I can use my creativities better because I have a foundation to build it on.

I don't know what that taught me—maybe a little bit of bookkeeping and how to work well with a bunch of different personalities….

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I don't think [it] had a tremendous impact on my professional career. It grew so rapidly that I moved into a management role very quickly. That exposed me to all aspects of the business and helped me understand product strategy and how to develop the next generation of talent.

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That's where I found my passion, and every position I took after that was in a management role. I learned that I didn't like computer hardware and I loved entrepreneurship.

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I also learned the importance of keeping customers happy. I asked them to name five things that they either did or observed that made a successful school. I handed out sticky notes and asked that they record their thoughts on them, first individually then in pairs. Next, I asked that once the two of them had narrowed their two 5-item lists into one list of five, find two others who have done the same and complete the process again. This continued until they had a group of four people with a list of five characteristics of highly successful schools.

I could feel us stepping our way toward a very solid plan.

How failures can be the stepping stones to success

The room was full of lists of five characteristics created by the professionals in the room. I began to combine common characteristics and refine common terminology. There was a hum in the room and positive energy began to shift the mood and the outlook. Educators were feeling valued and empowered.

Why failure is a stepping stone to success

This was going to work. Fast forward one year. The state accountability rankings showed a sharp decrease in the number of schools labeled as low performing from 17 to 8 in one year. The results also reflected an increase in the number of high performing schools. As a district, we were able to secure both our state and federal accountability in addition to a two percent increase in graduation rate.

Small steps for our district but positive steps nonetheless. Our stepping stones were guiding us in the right direction.

5 Stepping Stones to Overcome the Fear of Success

What are they, you ask? What characteristics did we determine must be present in order for our schools and its scholars to be successful? Each of the steps began with a critical question.

For Stepping Stone 1 the question was, "How well are our scholars attaining the challenging academic standards? We determined that in order for schools to be high performing then student academic success must occur. That means high performing schools have a clear and present focus on instructional strategies that are directly linked to student academic performance and achievement. The question this time was, "What are school administrators doing to ensure that teaching and learning are priorities in our classrooms? Additionally, building leaders plan, guide, coordinate, and evaluate professional learning for staff and students.

This discussion immediately stirred debate. The discussion was healthy and filled with flavor but it was the question that garnered the most attention: "What is happening in our classrooms, from bell to bell, week to week, and formative to summative assessment? Teachers in high performing schools share strong content mastery, command of curricular resources, and an ability to overcome learning barriers.

As we considered the critical question for this stone, I insisted on the term engagement versus involvement. The question emerged: "In what ways are parents and community members connected to and engaged in activities that support student learning? This is the question that guided us for stepping stone: "In what ways are the voices and accomplishments of students and teachers affirmed?