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25 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

That led me to a downward spiral that made me question the advertising industry as a whole. So I quit. Instead, I made the very conscious decision that I would not work for anyone again before spending some time working for myself. This journey has been tough and lonely at times. I rebuilt this project from scratch. Slowly, but surely, I started getting commissioned work with my writing.

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So… things are happening. I mean… duh, right? It took me a while to get that right, though. Which leads me to…. Only when I was ready did I take that next step. I also have to give credit to my amazing partner, Jorge, for his never-ending support and encouragement.

It was very hard for me to review our finances and have him fully pay some of our bills. He has never once complained, though, and has been my cornerstone throughout this whole process. When you ask for help, it comes. Be grateful.

We all have an off day, or week, or month. Our society is so obsessed with happiness, but you can only appreciate it after allowing yourself to be cranky sometimes. I realized I had a knack for conducting interviews at the first job I got after graduating college, at a publishing agency. However, the workflow was so overwhelming that I eventually left and spent the following three years in advertising. This was also a pretty amazing discovery. I like being independent. I like controlling my schedule. I can manage clients and teams alike.

So what kept me from become a freelance professional sooner was simply my lack of self-awareness. It took a decade of frustration in companies with less-than-flexible hours, controlling superiors and regulated lunch breaks to figure out that I was the problem, not my work environment.

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And this goes both ways — I know many, many people who were enticed by the fantasy of being their own boss and ended up quitting a job that had just the right structure for them. Everyone is different and everyone functions differently. Be aware of what works for you. Accept that. The key is not to let the bad days overshadow the good.

This is really hard to do, especially in the Instagram Age. No one really cares about your vacation pictures, or your hot, new lover, or your renovated apartment. Wanna know why? They want success, want to share their art with the world, but never close the door, and make the stuff. I have a friend who is the most multidisciplinary professional I know.

Her natural curiosity has made her a fantastic creative director, executive producer, social media manager, branding expert, graphic designer and account executive. To me, if knowledge is power, broad knowledge is survival. The guy runs one of the most impressive corporate facilities in my state, so who am I to argue?

10 life truths you must know before you turn 25 - life lessons you learn - Life facts

However, in order to follow Lesson 14 successfully, it is very important to listen to yourself and get your point across clearly. Precisely because people are different, each will have their own interpretation about whatever it is that you are discussing. Be it when planning a project or simply expressing your opinion about a book, avoid miscommunication. Again, this may be tricky if you follow Lesson My control issues and constant daydreaming have led me to change quite a few of my peers in my mind, willing them to do what I think is best in order to get a job done.

Yet love, at is purest, is stronger the Red Bull. It is also my guilty pleasure. But have you ever googled what happens to your body after drinking a single can? Just when I thought I was getting the hang of being thirty, we got evicted from our apartment. Places, people, things can all be gone without warning.

In TED Talk , he explains why we should focus on defining our fears instead of our goals. Watch it. This is a Gogol Bordello song. Your email address will not be published.

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